Web Hosting – 10 Things To Avoid

Very Cheap Pricing

Ok, here’s the rub: there are thousands of web hosting companies
out there that have very low prices. The fact is that a cheap web
hosting company offering very low rates is doing this for a reason.
And the reason is that they are doing a tremendous amount of
volume. To a cheap web hosting company, you are just a number,
especially if you are a small business. Here’s something else to
consider: How many other websites will you be sharing your IP
address with? You’ve heard of Spammers, haven’t you? Well,
aggressive spammers generally go with the cheapest web hosting
package they can find. Why? Because they know that they only
plan to be in business for a certain amount of time. Did you know
that spamming can get your site banned by the Search Engines
and your ISP? In short, when you share your IP address with, say,
1000’s of other businesses, and one of these businesses happens
to be a spammer, the entire IP address can, and most often will,
be banned by the Search Engines. Then it’s goodbye, business.
You probably won’t even know what has happened to make your
traffic drop so dramatically. On top of all of this, a very cheap web
hosting company will generally have very slow servers and
common services will be denied because there is not enough
bandwidth. You will be doing yourself and your business a
tremendous disservice by going with a cheap web hosting

Limited Room For Expansion

Your online business will almost certainly expand. You should be
able to choose from different web hosting packages that will help
you do this. Even better, the web hosting company should be
available to consult with you and help you make decisions when
the time comes. Are they interested in your business, or just your
money? One size definitely does not fit all. If the web hosting
company doesn’t understand this, then it’s time to move on.

Underdeveloped Website

Web hosting companies should have a well-developed, informative
and easy-to-navigate site. It’s that simple. The site’s FAQ and
Help features should be visible. Also you should have a way to
contact them, and not just via email. Who has time to wait 24
hours for an answer?

Dubious Claims

99.99% guaranteed uptime. How many times have you seen this
claim? Does it mean anything anymore? The truth is, most web
hosting companies claim that they can deliver this. Very few offer
real guarantees in the form of money back or similar guarantees to
ensure your satisfaction, and gives you alternatives if they don’t
deliver. Don’t let web hosting companies get away with this.

Lack of References

A good web hosting company will have a list of satisfied customers,
and will welcome your contacting them to get references. You
should know whom you are going into business with. If the web
hosting company refuses your request to check references, keep
moving. Make no mistake about it, web hosting is not just a
business, it is a partnership. Does the web hosting company that
you are considering understand that?

Aggressive Selling Tactics

When you call the web hosting company for information, are they
constantly pressuring you to upgrade, buy this, buy that? Does
every call end with them trying to sell you something? Specifically,
are they asking you to pay for a whole year of web hosting
upfront? Did you realize that if you do this, and later decide that
their services are not working for you, your money is gone for
good? Can you afford to do this? Do you want to risk it?

Bait and Switch

Look at the fine print. Does it say one thing in the headline and
another in the small print? For example, does the web hosting
company limit the number of emails that you can have and/or send
out at once? Features such as these are critical if your business is
going to be able to service your customers quickly and efficiently.
You don’t want to purchase a web hosting package based on a
promise only to find out later that there is a catch. In any case,
you wouldn’t want to trust your business with a web hosting
company that would do this. Don’t just walk away. Run.

Package/Software Inflexibility

Are the packages that the web hosting company offers limited?
Are they able to direct you to the web hosting package that is right
for your business? Or do they direct everyone to the same
package? A web hosting company’s ability to be flexible should be
key in your decision to either go with them or to keep looking.

Very Large Companies

Just because a web hosting company is very large, doesn’t mean it
is the best. You need to ask yourself if you will get the
personalized web hosting service that your business deserves, or
will you be just a number.

Shoddy Customer Service

A web hosting company’s attitude toward customer service is your
indication as to how reliable they are as a company that you are
entrusting your business with. Any web hosting company should
give you all of their contact information. As a matter of fact, this is
a must for any business. Who is answering the phone? A
recording? The Sales Department? No one? Online business runs
24/7. These days, impersonal web hosting service cannot be tolerated. You need someone to answer your questions now. No
one wants to leave a message, or worse yet, receive an
impersonal email. The bottom line is that for the most part, all any
web hosting company really has to sell you is their service. That’s
the bottom line. If they don’t understand that, they shouldn’t be in
business in the first place.

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